Climate Change, Austerity, War on Drugs

I will continue to write about foreign policy and international affairs; I’ll continue to write book reviews, too. But, I think I found what I wanted to write about outside of my area of concentration.

Why? Why write about stuff outside of my area of concentration in the first place?

For three reasons. First, I want to. I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about climate change, macroeconomics, and mental health, human psychology, and the immense damage the war on drugs has taken on humanity. Second, these three issues are directly tied to international affairs. Finally, I believe that climate change, austerity economics and libertarian free market ideology, and the issues tied to the War on Drugs are the issues that I really want to spend my time writing upon because I think they are existential.

I think morally these areas have to be understood and with urgency. I think they are simple enough, in theory, for most people to understand. I think they are complicated enough for me, in practice, as a thinker, to really enjoy tackling. I’ve read (and written in other spaces, such as class papers) about these issues for years and years now and I am unsatisfied that I haven’t written about them on here with aplomb, passion, and also personal honesty.

Expect blog posts sooner rather than later in which I give my reasons as to why I think these three areas are of immediate concern.


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