Disproportionate Cognitive Dissonance

Ebola! Very hard to contract. Do EVERYTHING we can to stop it. Close the border. Cancel flights. Quarantine nurses who have no symptoms. Spend weeks covering it in an alarmist paranoid fashion. Kills ZERO people who contracted it in America because of our medical expertise. Ebola is a public health threat yells all of the bloggers. The govt needs to do whatever it takes.

Measles! Very easy to contract. Be asked to do the bare minimum by vaccinating your children for the sake of herd immunity and for the sake of community? Neva because CNN isn’t freaking out about it. Neva because freedddddommmmmmm and libertyyyyyyy. 102 confirmed cases in the U.S. so far this year of measles. A disease that still killed 18 people a day around the world in 2008 and there is still 20 million measles cases every year around the world. Measles, an actual threat, yells all of the bloggers is not a problem for my child. My son is safe because I say so. The govt needs to stay out of my life.

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