What will this blog be about?

I am a lonely and disillusioned political science major.

This blog is simple a place for me to flesh out my thoughts on any given idea, event, book, essay, monthly, quaterly, lecture, etc.. that I have decided to spend time with.

Socioeconomically I’m – literally – from the bottom 5% of the country (I live in the U.S.) so my perspective, and perspectives like mine, are often excluded and kept in the shadows. I can’t separate my critique and my thoughts on any given matter from where I have been, where I see those around me living and heading in, and from the daily, weekly, and continual and endless struggle that those who work paycheck-to-paycheck live through. I am a member of the precariat and also one of the “underemployed” as we so often hear about now.

If you come across this blog – welcome!


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